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It has been our privilege to a part of these projects. We love to hear our clients’ thoughts about working with us.

“I am so thankful that we had Paul and crew help us build our home. We absolutely love our house and it was such a fun experience. Paul told us building a house should be fun - and it was with the help of Paul, Matt, Gary and Lera. Our home turned out beautiful because of the amazing craftsmanship and special touches they helped create. I could not picture things by looking at a floor plan - Paul and Matt were so patient with me and helped bring the picture to life. Lera was on top of keeping us organized and helping us get our choices selected. Gary - just incredible finish work and I don't think there is anything he can't do. I loved that during each step of the process - we would stand in the house and go room to room to determine if we would change anything. I also valued their ideas and suggestions when we came to tough decisions along the way. They also were responsive, timely and made sure that we were comfortable with how everything was turning out. The subcontractors were always friendly, professional and they know the business. If you are looking to build a house - IronCrest should be at the top of your list! I honestly could go on and on about our experience!”

-Mitch & Pat

“We lived in our original home 20 years.   When we decided to build a new home, rather than purchase an existing one, we were very apprehensive.  We had heard all of the horror stories with delays in construction and pricing increases for every little change. We are extremely happy to say that the experience we had building with IronCrest Homes was nothing but enjoyable.  Paul and his team were patient with our questions and concerns, attentive to details, knowledgeable and just a pleasure to work with. They also helped us with a lot  of creative ideas to better the original floor plan that did not “break the bank” or add any delays in construction.  In fact, we moved into our new home within 1 week of the original projected date. 

We visited our new construction site frequently and met the team of contractors working on our home.  They were all very kind, professional, hardworking and completed the work with amazing quality. Even the suppliers we went to visit to pick out our materials were patient and had lots of great ideas and solutions.   After moving in our new home, the follow up from Gary and the other contractors has not stopped.  They continue to follow up, answer any of our questions or comments we’ve had. 

We love our new home and are thrilled with the final product!  We couldn’t wait to have family and friends over.  We would highly recommend IronCrest Homes to anyone looking to build their dream home.  A 10 out of 10 for quality and craftsmanship  all the way around!”

-Mike & Lisa

“We are very happy we chose Iron Crest to be our builder.  This was our first time building a home, and Paul and his team made us feel comfortable and confident at every step.  Paul was so helpful with design ideas along the way that we wouldn’t have thought of, and incorporated such things as our antique chandeliers.  When working with Paul, you get to work with the best subs.  His painting, framing, and flooring teams are meticulous and his trim carpenter is an artist.  It’s these details that distinguish the best builders.  Thank you, Iron Crest, for our beautiful home.”

-Jim & Krista

“We had a wonderful experience building with IronCrest Homes. We would like to thank Paul and Matt for making it a smooth process. As we went through the home building process Paul and Matt’s timely responses and follow-up to questions were top notch. We also really appreciated having access to our home throughout the process…. not all builders allow this. It was also especially nice to be able to communicate from time to time directly with his subcontractors.

We first met Paul in his own home, after visiting with him my husband and I knew we didn’t need to look any further for the builder of our home. Paul and his crew especially stood out to us when we attended one of the Home Shows…. Paul was the only friendly and welcoming builder out there, he stood out from all the rest. Paul’s warm and friendly personality always made us feel like we were the only home he was building…attentive to our needs and kept us engaged throughout the building experience.

We absolutely love our home, we get many compliments on both the design and craftsmanship. We couldn’t be prouder to say that Paul, from IronCrest Homes, was our builder.”

- Josh & Mary

“IronCrest Homes was a pleasure to work with in building a home that was completely customized from the ground up to fit our lives and our family. You really can do anything you want with your house.

One of the things I really appreciated is that IronCrest takes so much pride in their homes that they only put in above builders grade materials. IronCrest knows where to prioritize money, they know where you can save, and where you’ll enjoy spending more to get a really great house. They never skimp on quality, just walking across the floor you know it’s a solidly built house. The contractors they use are top notch, and every time we got another bid the original was always in line if not better.

The decisions with building a custom home can be overwhelming, but IronCrest helped keep it manageable and actually enjoyable, while making sure the home would look good when it came together. By the end of the process we had IronCrest either bring a handful of items that would work, or just make the decision for us on what would look good. That said, you can go anywhere or pick out anything you want.

Everyone was always easy to get ahold of throughout the entire process. When something came up it wasn’t a day before we’d hear back on it, ever.

Most of the issues that popped up IronCrest found and solved for us. The issues we found were not a problem to get resolved.

We are extremely happy with the home that IronCrest built for us. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I wouldn’t build with anyone else.”

- Jeff & Adora

“IronCrest Homes built our custom modern home and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We wanted a home that was inviting with large open-spaces for entertaining. The overall experience was positive and it was actually a lot of fun. Paul Owens is able to take the homeowner’s visions and create a product they want.

There were many touches added to our house that I didn’t expect and quite frankly would have never thought of on my own. This is what separates him from the competition. He’s a builder who would never compromise on quality. He knows his reputation is tied to each home he builds. Paul is completely open to changes and never made us feel like we were slowing down the building process. His primary concern was that we love our home so any changes made were considered part of the journey.

Throughout our entire experience, Paul was friendly and attentive. He provided great feedback, product knowledge, ideas and recommendations. He truly wanted us to love our home, and we do.”

- Brad & Chaille

“When my husband and I decided to build our home it seemed everyone had a horror story to share!! OBVIOUSLY they did not build with IRONCREST HOMES! From the minute we met with our builder, Paul, we felt a connection that would later turn into a life long friendship! I cannot say enough about the talented team he put together! The entire team is pleasant, caring and above all competent!!! They spent so much time with us discussing the details of our dreams, really listening and then creating the most beautiful masterpiece possible! I can honestly say, now that we are moved in and our home is finished – I miss ALL of them!! They became part of our family!

Paul is a dedicated builder who also takes an interest in his clients lives! Together, this great team makes building a home a positively enjoyable, wonderful and memorable experience!!!”

- Eric & Diana

“IronCrest homes has built us an absolutely amazing home. Paul has been fantastic about helping us every step of the process from the very beginning. He even helped search for lots to build on that matched our needs. He has been there every step of the way down to every single detail throughout the entire process. He builds completely customized homes that match specific needs, down to the smallest detail. When I wanted input and advice, he was always there for that as well gave his suggestions and reasons why. Paul has been more than just our builder, he has been there to help with anything I’ve needed with my husband gone during much of the building process. Paul continues to ensure everything is going well and if any issues arise he is always there. Paul’s ultimate goal is and has always been that we are happy with our home and will do whatever it takes to ensure this happens.”

- Ron & Sarah

“We want to thank you for building us our perfect house.  We can’t thank you enough for the job you did for us.  You took our vision over a year ago and made it a reality for us.  Everyone that has been through the home has comments on how beautiful it is.  We are PROUD to have people over and show them house awesome this house is.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this.  We couldn’t be happier.”

- Cory & Marsha

“Greg and I had a great experience building our home with Paul.   From the very beginning of our building process, he kept us informed and was always available to answer questions.   When he told us that something would be done, it was.  He came up with some very unique features that make our home stand out.  Everyone that comes to our home remarks on the quality of the workmanship.  He is very particular about the small details that most people would overlook.  These details give our home the “wow” factor.  We would recommend Paul to anyone looking to build a home.”

- Greg & Andrea

“Working with Paul has been like working with a friend. Always returns calls and proactively stays connected during the building process to keep me posted.

From the beginning, Paul has been our greatest advocate. He has made himself available to answer questions day or night, guide us through the building process- something that was completely foreign to us, and has always proactively sought to provide us with the best experience, the greatest building products and best customer service anyone could dream of with a builder.”

- Nate & Shannon

“We were pleased with the personal attention and openness that Paul Owens provided when we were building.  Unlike other builders we talked to, we always felt Paul had our best interests in mind when each phase of the building commenced, looking for ways to get the best quality with a reasonable price.”

- Shawne & Christine

“From start to finish Paul was present every step of the way to ensure we were completely satisfied.  His experience, vision, and input were invaluable.”

- C & B

“Paul Owens provided great service to us throughout the process of building our home.  This “great service” included responsiveness, expert guidance on construction design, and simply delivering a quality product.  No matter how busy he was, he always returned a message or phone call within minutes.  He made us feel like a priority.  Paul shows a great pride in, not only the homes he builds, but the reputation he has with his home owners and contractors. We are very pleased with our home and the experience of building it with Paul.”

- Kristine & Bart

“I would highly suggest IronCrest Homes to anyone interested in building a home.  Paul maintains an open line of communication and helps the homeowner with all of the home selections. I chose to work with IronCrest homes because of the transparency that Paul brings to the table.  The homeowner is able to know exactly where their dollars are being spent with Paul’s cost plus home building model.”

- Ryan

“We can’t say enough good about IronCrest Homes. We always heard how stressful building a house was, but Paul and his crew made it a breeze. They had our backs the entire process and went out of their way to make sure things were just what we wanted and also had so many creative ideas to make our home extra special for us. Paul is a man of his word and when he said something was going to be done on a certain day, it always was. We had great communication throughout the whole process. It was a fun experience and we couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.”

- Cheryl and Barry